Why Maine?

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One of the most frequent questions I get during briefings, conferences, concalls, or the like is, “Maine? Really?” Or more bluntly, “Why Maine?” My typical response is usually something about quality of life, reasonable proximity to Boston (2 hrs), etc, etc which is true, but doesn’t seem to mean much to people.

So while out grabbing a bagel today I took a few quick pics that may better explain why we’re Maine’s only (as far as I know) analyst firm. It’s a bit overcast today, but you should get the idea:

This is the view out the window:

View out my window

And here’s the park you can sort of make out in the above photo:

Park down the street

The few people who have heard of Bath, ME always talk about the bridge. Here it is:
The Bath bridge
And finally, here’s the hub of RedMonk central – we occupy the third floor windows.
RedMonk HQ


  1. Awesome website. Enjoyed your rants! 🙂

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