Emptying the Straw

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Couple of interesting items kicking around my Straw client:

First, let me be the millionth blogger to salute Cory Doctorow of the EFF‘s gem of a presentation on DRM. Just a brilliant job. Instead of writing on our pieces on the topic in the future, I can just point to that, and say – “Yeah, what he said.” From this, you might conclude that I do not agree with Michael Gartenberg’s dissenting opinion.

Second, I’m monitoring with interest the work of Nat Friedman and the other Gnome hackers on the Beagle and Dashboard projects. I’m not sure who’s (Google? MS? Novell?) going to get it rightfirst – meaning an integrated, indexed and intelligent desktop – but I’m sure that either way I’m going to be right on board. Note the Mono underpinnings.

Third, Tim Bray’s take on netbeans – “it’s not bad” – was worth a chuckle. Actually, I’m just giving him a hard time because we just see Eclipse as a near de facto standard. Just about every ISV we speak with cites Eclipse – or Visual Studio – as their preferred app dev integration point of choice. Sun’s got some hard decisions to make in the netbeans space, and soon.

Last, it’s nice to see a ‘Softie speak his mind about corporate behaviors. This can only be a good thing.

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