No High Speed? Seriously?

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I don’t mean to pick on the Hilton Tarrytown, because it’s otherwise a decent establishment, but the lack of high speed internet access here is a killer. In their defense I should mention that they have it in the lobby, and some rooms which were sold out by the time I arrived here yesterday. But the fact is that my room doesn’t have it, the lobby’s not particularly close, and thus I’m writing this over a snail slow 36.6K connection. Which is frustrating. Highly frustrating. Particularly since local calls are charged a buck, plus 10 cents a minute over 60 minutes. 

My colleague and I have railed against this problem at length in the past, as well as commiserated with fellow business travelers, but I’m still surprised that we run into the situation so much. If it’s a hotel or resort catering to those on vacations, or a Motel 6 or something, it’s understandable. But if the aim is to grab business travelers, I can’t understand how they don’t have this. Perhaps I’m just naïve or over-optimistic, but I don’t think high-speed is that hard to roll out. Particularly when they end up charging 10 bucks a day for the service and you can outsource your riskto someone else.

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