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Technical Empowerment Series with SADA

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I recently had a conversation with Miles Ward and Kari Greguska from SADA, and it was an absolute delight.

Thumbnail of podcast. Photos of all speakers (Kari, Miles, Rachel) and episode name: How Cloud Providers Create a Unique Solutions For Customers (ep 105)

We talked about:

  • the challenges of growing an organization and shifting organizational focus.
  • the power of sharing best practices across the industry (and my assertion that the term ‘best practices’ can be fraught in a world where there are many possible approaches.) Miles’ story about helping craft the AWS Well-Architected Framework at the 16 minute mark is especially worth a listen.
  • the challenges of navigating a world of primitives, and what that means for abstraction layers and horizontal solutions. Check out Miles’ story about (not) building with AppEngine for the Obama campaign at the 19 minute mark and his story about mapping out potential solutions at the 16 minute mark for more color here.
  • our slightly divergent views about multi-cloud to close us out at the 32-ish minute mark.

I hope you check it out and let us know what you think!

Disclaimer: SADA is a RedMonk client and paid for the podcast appearance, but this writeup and the views here are uncompensated and are my own.

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