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Party of Four

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My toddler likes to yell “incoming!” as she charges into a room or throws stuffed animals off the landing of our staircase (except she pronounces it “win-coming,” and we enjoy her version so much that no one is allowed to correct her.) All of which is to say:


Our family is welcoming a little guy in December. Devin and I are thrilled to have this spark of hope and joy in what has otherwise been a long and challenging year.

My timeline for maternity leave may adjust based on overall public health conditions – both before delivery and as we evaluate the safety of childcare options next spring. In theory, however, I’m aiming for a leave that extends from Thanksgiving 2020 to March 2021.

Our growing family extends our love, gratitude, and good wishes to everyone reading this. Stay safe!

Team Streams, party of 4


  1. Congratulations Rachel!

  2. So wonderful! Very excited for this win-coming news.

  3. Many congrats, and sad that this year has conspired to not allow me to wish you well in person at Monktoberfest. 🙁

  4. Happy for you, congratulations and good luck!

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