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Theological Solutions

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I was on a call with a vendor who was exploring possible approaches to a problem space. The person on the line provided their point of view, and began their argument with, “The logical solutions are to <insert their very specific architectural opinions>.”

What I heard was, “Theological solutions are to <insert their very specific architectural opinions>.”

It took me about a minute to realize I misheard them.

I love that this is an industry where:

  1. people’s opinions about infrastructure and architectural approaches can reasonably be interpreted as being religiously held, and
  2. someone can think they’ve framed their argument entirely rationally while their conversational partner can hear their argument as a zealous opinion; all of this confusion can happen without the misunderstanding being immediately apparent or notable to either party.

In technology sometimes there is a fine line between what we know and what we believe.

Portrait of retired statesman studying theology

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