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In all the articles I’ve read about the pros and cons of distributed workplaces, I’ve yet to see anything about the upsides and downsides of remote pregnancy announcements. If you’re curious, the best part is that you can use gifs.

The downside is that is feels a little vulnerable to write a post like this. Even though this is a joyful announcement made to a community that has proven to be nothing but supportive, it’s nonetheless daunting to share some of the most personal news of my life in such a public way. Luckily we have the power of gifs to carry us through!

As you probably gathered, Devin and I are expecting a baby (our first!) this fall.

My timeline for maternity leave is somewhat fluid based on factors outside of my control (arrival date, health of mom and baby, etc), but as of now I’m planning to be out October – January. My participation in client calls, conferences, and research will be on hold until my return. Feel free to say hello on Twitter at any point, though I make no promises that my responses will be timely or coherent those first few months.

We are thrilled and can’t wait to welcome the newest member to our family (and the RedMonk family!) Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support!


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! Good luck with all those things beyond your control. In that way pregnant moms & CEOs have a lot in common: making predictions and preparing for things with v. limited information and no idea how things will actually unfold.

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