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By the Numbers #2

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Commentary on some of the interesting numbers in the news

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My colleague Fintan partnered with Bitnami to analyze data from a user survey. One interesting survey result was the reported use of continuous integration amongst responding organizations.


The results show that only 25% of respondents are using CI processes at this time. Per Fintan, “what sticks out here is how many participants are either on manual build processes or have no CI process at all in place. We have commented previously as to just how important CI is as part of the cloud native journey, and for most people looking to use containers at scale CI is where they will need to start.”

The post also has great findings about container orchestration tools and is well-worth reading in its entirety.


Twilio had a successful initial public offering (IPO) on June 23, 2016. The company raised $150M in the largest tech IPO of the year thus far.

As part of their IPO, the company filed a prospectus with the Security and Exchange Commission. This document details the financial condition of the company for both regulators and potential investors and is filled with great insight into the company’s operations.

One interesting finding is that as of March 31, 2016, Twilio had 28,648 active customer accounts. This represents a 13% growth from their active accounts in the prior quarter. (Twilio defines an ‘active customer’ as an account “for which we have recognized at least $5 of revenue in the last month of the period.”)

Twilio has stated that 99% of their total revenue is currently derived from these accounts. By comparing their revenue to accounts, we find their Total Revenue per Active Customer Account was greater than $2,000 last quarter. Though the definition of an active customer is based on a $5 minimum monthly revenue, their average monthly revenue per account is roughly 33x more than that. This indicates that Twilio’s customer distribution is quite skewed by larger accounts.

55 Million

Payroll processor ADP shared their enterprise use story at this year’s DockerCon. CTO Keith Fulton spoke about microservices and running containers in a production environment. While his insights into decomposing monolithic apps (aka “nuggetizing the chicken“) were solid, what made it even more interesting is the nature of ADP’s data.

ADP has 55 million social security numbers on file. As Fulton pointed out, the company has real and stringent security requirements. By sharing details about their use of “hardened containers“, ADP lent a great deal of credibility to Docker’s story around being a secure and production-ready solution.

500 Million

Instagram announced that they’ve reached 500 million monthly active users on their platform, “more than 300 million of whom use Instagram every single day“.

Where do other social networks stand as a point of comparison? According to their most recent earnings release announcements, Facebook stated that they have 1.65 billion monthly active users (excluding Instagram and WhatsApp) while Twitter has 310 million. Snapchat’s data is not public, though they are reported to have 150 million daily users.

The part that delighted me most about the Instagram announcement was learning that I am not alone in putting tape over my computer camera. Thanks for making the paranoia club just a little more prestigious, Zuck!

Disclosure: Bitnami and Docker are RedMonk clients.

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