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Autocompleting the Vendors


In December, Very Small Array posted a simple but interesting visualization of Google Autocomplete data called the United States of Autocomplete. The concept was simple: capture the first query Google suggests for each state in the United States. I liked the idea so much I copied it, swapping states for technology vendors. Also, I made the graphics much, much more worse (it’s the best I could do at 10 PM with a public domain map of the US).

The above chart represents the first word Google Search suggests to me after typing in the complete vendor name as of around 9:30 this evening. It’s what people search for most, in other words, in conjunction with the vendor name. The results are more for your entertainment than edification, but there are a few that make you think, and even the truly irrelevant returns – Red Hat society, anyone? – have something to say about relative popularity and visibility.

It’s a bit of an eye chart, but a bigger version is here if you’re curious.


Disclosure: just for the sake of form: Adobe, Cisco, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, Rackspace, Red Hat,, and SAP are RedMonk customers. Amazon, Apple, Google, HP, Intel, Novell, Oracle and VMware are not.

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