So Much for the Long Weekend

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yeah, it’s ok

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Well, that was fast. One more Memorial Day in the books, and while it was slow, it was a good one. For the first time in years I neither had friends coming here nor was traveling to them. In between trips on the boat, catching up with a friend of mine and late night Sox games, it was just a lazy weekend here at the compound.

Which was well timed, because the week ahead is going to be even longer than this weekend. My schedule, for those that are interested:

Tues – Fri

Late tomorrow afternoon, I’m hopping a flight out of Portland out to San Francisco. If, by some miracle, I arrive near my promised arrival time of midnight, I’ll try and pop into the WordPress 5th Birthday party which is scheduled to run until 2 AM. Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll be attending Google’s inaugural I/O conference, where I’ve been told to expect news. Although Wednesday dinner is booked, you should look for me – as always – as the House of Shields. Early Friday morning I’m headed back not to Maine but to Denver.

Fri – Sat

In what’s necessarily a flying visit, I’ll be back in Denver for two days and one night only. I’ll be busy during the day, and Friday lunch is booked, but I should be around for happy hour drinks on Friday, and will almost certainly end up at Cap City Friday night.

Sat – Mon

While I detest traveling on weekends, I’ll be flying down to Orlando on Saturday in advance of a presentation I’m giving at the Rational Software Conference on Sunday. After catching the action on Sunday and Monday there, I’ll be back en route to Maine.


It’s not definite yet, but there’s an outside chance I’ll be down in Boston on Tuesday afternoon/evening and Wednesday morning. So if you’ll be around, let me know.

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  1. Pencil me in for House of Shields post-dinner, I guess, unless I manage to make it to the WP party…

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