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Ode to the Common Man

Overheard at an airport within the last seven calendar days. Cletus and Earl are not their given names, mostly because I don’t know the real ones.

Cletus: Dude, you’ve gotta check this new, uh, internet thing out.
Earl: What is it?
Cletus: Fox-something, and it’s awesome.
Earl: Better than what I got?
Cletus: Oh yeah. Hell yeah. Let me show you.
Earl: How’s that?
Cletus: Well, it’s like a zillion times faster, for one, but then it’s also got these things…
Earl: Wait, what did you just do?
Cletus: It’s like another internet thing, within the original internet thing.
Earl: Wow.
Cletus: Yeah, all on one page, see?
Earl: Yeah.
Cletus: And it’s still a zillion times faster, and it’s free.
Earl: You’re shitting me.
Cletus: Nope. Click the little house button, you can get there.
Earl: Wow.
Cletus: Yeah.

Airports are perhaps more helpful than any other single venue for reminding me of what an echo chamber I live in.

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