Cool Gigs: EveryBlock and LiTL

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I’m a bit late with these notices, and given the profile of the developers in question not to mention the respect that I have for both, the positions could well be filled already, but just in case I wanted to note that their respective firms are hiring.

Adrian Holovaty (EveryBlock) Position: Python Screen Scraper (Chicago)

If you’re not familiar with EveryBlock, and you live in one of the supported cities (Chicago, New York or San Francisco) I suggest giving it a look. It’s a natural extension of the work original done at Chicagocrime.org, and thus guaranteed to be interesting work. Consuming data of all kinds – be they restaurant reviews, crime statistics, even liquor license requests – EveryBlock that repurposes this through a form og geospatial normalization, thus making it usable. Cool stuff.

Anyway, Adrian’s looking for someone with the following skillset:

  • Mastery of screen-scraping
  • Experience programming in Python
  • Experience with geographic data

If you feel like you fit that bill, jump over here and throw your name into the ring. Given my massively failed efforts with Adrian’s templatemaker framework this past summer – not knowing Python didn’t help much – I’m pretty sure I’m not qualified, but you might be 😉

Havoc Pennington (LiTL) Position: Multiple (Boston)

You may know Havoc from his time at Red Hat, or from his contributions to the GNOME community, but I’m most interested in his vision of the Online Desktop. Probably because it’s one that I strongly agree with.

Whether or not it’s related to his current work at LiTL is undetermined at this point because the firm is mostly stealth, but there are some parallels in the little that is public about the firm:

LiTL is a well funded startup developing a consumer product that involves hardware, software, and online services. We’re looking for talented folks to help us create our iconic first product (and many products to come).

Anyway, irrespective of whether it’s related to the Online Desktop idea, it sounds like cool work. And hell, it’s in Back Bay, which is within an easy walk of one of the finer places on this planet.

If you’re game, the LiTL folks are looking for a Lead Server Dev, a Senior UI Dev, Release and Quality Engineer, and a Software Interaction Designer. Details are available here.

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  1. Nice post on screen scrapers, simple and too the point :), For screen scrapers i use python for simple things, but for larger projects i used extractingdata.com http://www.extractingdata.com/screen%20scraper.htm which worked great, they build custom screen scrapers and data extracting programs

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