links for 2007-10-24

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  1. Hey, what do they say on the Red Sox team these days?

    “If it doesn’t happen, so, who cares? There’s always next year. It’s not like it’s the end of the world.” — MBM

    Nice find though; had not seen that.

  2. I think the thing is, never share in briefings where both the vendor and the other analyst are sports fans, particularly if they both support Chelsea 🙂

  3. […] was inspired to start this project courtesy of a daily link that can be found in Steve O’Grady’s excellent blog, which contains a link to a post by Isabel […]

  4. Hey Stephen…. so my future brother-in-law (who my sister is marrying this weekend IN Boston) has tickets… but he doesn’t have one for me! I told him that it’s too bad, since that means he won’t be getting a wedding gift from me. He *thinks* I’m kidding…. 🙂 /LC

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