Lessons from a Successful Life

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I believe it was Emerson who argued that time is the most precious of all assets, because it is the only one that cannot be regained once spent. At no time does that lesson resonate more strongly with me than when I’m travelling heavily.

As with other assets, scarcity is intrinsic to value. The value of my free time can never be higher, therefore, than it is when artificially limited by obligation or circumstance. Circumstances such as being away from home every week out of the month of September.

The fact that I do not regret committing nearly an hour and a half to watching the above video in a 4×6 window of poor resolution, then, should tell you everything you need to know about what I feel about its value.

Few of us are given the opportunity to pass along our lessons learned before we ourselves pass along. When the rare individual does get that chance, it behooves us to stop and listen. They have a perspective that is granted only at great cost.

Thanks to Andy for the original pointer (his post includes an abridged version of the above), and my best wishes to Professor Randy Pausch and his family.

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