About the Moon Landings…

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Ok, who had “the moon landings were faked” in the pool for the first line on tecosystems that would elicit both threats of physical violence and claims that I’m mentally handicapped? If it was you, let me know – PowerBall’s up to $240 million and change, and you’ve obviously got some special precognitive talents that I’d like to exploit. Vegas was positive it would be something written about Microsoft, or less likely, Sun.

For the record let me state that my belief that we did not land on the moon is approximately as genuine as the above “threats.” That is to say, if I’m still being too obscure, not at all.

Ok? As much as I appreciate all the helpful emails with links debunking the various and sundry conspiracy theories, they’re unnecessary – I promise. I’ll even go so far as to say that I believe in evolution. Are we good now?

P.S. No one tell my brother – he has much the same reaction that all of you did.


  1. Those comment links go nowhere…

  2. Take it as a compliment; the moon landing is Mother’s Milk for engineers (I — like so many others — still get goosebumps when I hear “Houston, Tranquility Base here…”), so the reaction you elicited just goes to show how earnestly technical your readership is…

  3. Oh, I was 99% sure that you were kidding. 🙂 It’s just that we who work in manned spaceflight take this stuff pretty seriously. 😉

  4. Nice try, O’Grady. Next thing you’re gonna tell us is Mary rode a Mastodon into Bethlehem.

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