Killer Mobile Apps?

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Dear Lazyweb,

So I’ve got a (new) Nokia N75. It’s one of their Symbian models (I know, I know).

I like the phone. It takes pictures, sends text messages or email and, oh yeah, calls people. But it also has the capacity to do quite a bit more as an application platform.

And because it’s not the magical iPhone, I can actually run a variety of things on it, be they J2ME or Symbian. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I can’t really find anything terribly compelling other than the Google applications, which are excellent (and a compelling reason to use Apps, but that’s a subject for another post). Shozu and TinyTwitter are useful, but I’m not doing a ton with either.

Is there anything really interesting I should be looking at? Like an IMAP client that actually works (Nokia’s built in client will look at my server, but not actually retrieve anything)?




  1. Same challange at my end. Currently Killer for me
    1. Google Apps – Maps , gmail and reader
    2. and Corporate Email are my killer apps for my mobile.

    But in the future can my mobile phone do the following
    1. Replace the need for me to carry a wallet. (I have already stopped wearing a watch)
    that means
    – Credit Card functionality
    – Driver’s License (Identification)
    – And Replacing all the platic (Hilton honors , delta,etc)

  2. i have to say their *FREE* maps (www.smart2go.com), for me are THE killer app (just download the maps using a PC, unless you have an unlimited data package)
    Pair them with a small bluetooth GPS and it is even better.

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