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links for 2007-04-01

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  • Glynn Foster

    Wellington seems like a good mix of lifestyle vs technology – a little more activity than sleepy Christchurch. The views from the Sun office here is pretty good too, sorry Stephen :)

  • Glynn Foster

    Rubbing salt in the wound, never one for tact,

  • Luis Villa

    They have to say they like the DMCA, since under standard copyright law they almost certainly don’t have a leg to stand on. Under the DMCA, they’ve at least got something (the ‘hosting’ safe harbor provision.)

  • sogrady

    Glynn: you bastard ;)

    Luis: i love having my own counsel to help explain these things to me :)

  • James Governor

    fighting against is good to see. but isnt it best to get the law changed before you break it? copyright law is insane, of course. but thats why some people do useful things like establish the CreativeCommons to try and level some playing field. just wondering. i like luis’ info- i was wondering. Shouldnt Google throw money at the CC etc? Or would that make Lessig look like a shill?