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Where Does the Time Go?


Originally uploaded by sogrady.

A personal quote from a conversation this weekend:

“I’m not sure which terrifies me more: that Aliens came out in 1986, or that kids born in that year can now buy beer.”

Getting old is a hard, hard thing.

In other, far more relevant news, we (read: Alex) have made a couple more changes to the blogs. First, all four of us are now running the RedMonk header. Second, we’ve changed the header from blog titles to analyst names. Last, James is now running a basic version of the new RedMonk theme, replete w/ Ajax Archives & Comments, etc.

As always, please let us know if you see anything wonky, broken, etc – or have suggestions of things you’d like to see. Soon as we get the blogs done, we’ll be starting on the homepage (yes, finally).

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  • James Snell

    A few days ago my cousin saw fit to mention that her high school english teacher went to high school with my brother and I.

  • sogrady

    I know: I recently caught myself giving someone the “well, you don’t know how things were in my day” talk. I’m the youngest 90 year old I know.

  • David Comay

    I noticed the RedNun is missing on the left hand side of (under the Analyst Blogs section!)

  • Ryan Tomayko

    Missing a “o” in the link to James’ blog. Feel free to delete this.

  • sogrady

    Thanks Ryan, fixed.

  • sogrady

    David: thanks, i’ll hop over and fix that, although we’re still debating what to do with that blog.