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links for 2006-12-30

Categories: Links.

  • Geof F. Morris

    sog: A good friend of mine is famous for saying: “People are people. Gotta love ‘em anyway, even when you don’t want to.”

  • Danno

    Real Estate market in decline? Not good for you mebbe, not so bad for me!

    Common baby, keep crashing for another year or two!

  • Bill Sullivan

    Like Danno, I look at house prices from a buyers perspective and I’m happy prices are coming down. Sellers have had a few years now where prices have gone up continuously, so it’s nice for trends to favor us buyers for a change. :)

  • sogrady

    Geof: your friend is considerably more patient than i am :)

    Danno & Bill: on the one hand, i agree, but Maine’s real estate market appears to be declining faster than average and in an economy that doesn’t have a lot of bright spots i think it’s an indication of a troubling trend.