(Yet) Another Spam Attack

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In case you guys couldn’t reach the site in the past hour or so, just a heads up that we’ve been under (yet) another sustained spam attack that had both Opteron’s running at 100% and was chewing up most of the 4 gigs of memory Hicks has at its disposal. I’ve restarted Apache and dropped a couple of repeat IP’s into a .htaccess Deny statement, but the fix is likely only temporary. I really need to get us cut over to WordPress ASAP.

If you notice the site being unresponsive, that’s probably why. Apologies in advance, and know that we’re doing what we can to fix the problem.


  1. Stephen,
    Your changed look and feel here… looks great. Ive been reading you via feed, but not visited the blog for a while.

    Well done on Anne joining too.

    The spam problem is getting worse. I have had 5000 spam comments on my blog, and the work spam levels are huge. The filters cant catch everything, and false positives is a problem.


  2. doh! i was wondering why hicks was taking so frigging long to deal with things. its becasue spam is taking all the cycles, eh.

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