links for 2006-11-28

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  1. With your push on community, I’m surprised you haven’t gravitated more toward beryl instead of compiz.

  2. […] Wondering if your MS.NET app will migrate over to Mono’s cross-platform .NET? MoMA seems to be a great tool to do so. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m guessing it’s fairly simple based on the screenshots. I think this tool is a great addition to the Mono project – the great majority of .NET code is already written. Thanks to Stephen for pointing this out.   […]

  3. Donnie: my natural inclination is indeed to do so, but i’m a little wary of a.) Reveman’s characterization of some of the contributions to beryl, and b.) multiple bits of forum feedback indicating that beryl’s measurably slower than compiz.

    biggest community wins, of course, but over the short term it could be that Compiz has some advantages. not sure yet.

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