Oh, and I Think There Was Some Linux / Oracle News

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To quote one of my favorite TV shows, it looks like the rumor mill had it right for once. As Michael notes, Oracle has – as has been the rumor – officially entered the Linux game.

I can’t say that I’m hugely surprised by the news; I’ve received half a dozen inquiries from financial analysts in the past week or so, and a couple of very well connected Silicon Valley folks have been asking questions on the subject, so it did seem as if something was in the offing.

As is usual around here, I won’t be writing it up until tomorrow, but I did talk to News.com’s Stephen Shankland about a half hour ago so it’s possible you’ll see some of my initial impressions in the story here (nothing’s made it at present).

I’ve got a bunch of things going on the rest of the day, so I’m popping in and out at the moment, but if you want to discuss this in real time I’ll be in #redmonk on Freenode in IRC a bit more today and most of tomorrow. Be interested to hear what you all think.

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