Mashup Camp: Language Scorecard

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For those that are interested in such things, here’s my entirely unofficial language usage scorecard from Senor Berlind and Gold’s recently complete Mashup Camp. The data may be unofficial, but is interesting. Mashup Camp the Sequel was much like the NFL: parity rules the day, and there was no dominant winner. That said, there were a few surprises. So without further ado, I present for your enjoyment, the RedMonk Mashup Camp language breakdown:

  • First (Tie) – C# (5)
  • First (Tie) – Perl (5)
  • First (Tie) – Python (5)
  • Second – PHP (4)
  • Third (Tie) – ASP.NET (2)
  • Third (Tie) – C++ (2)
  • Third (Tie) – Jave (2)
  • Third (Tie) – Ruby (2)
  • Fourth – Flash (1)

Couple of notes. Yes, I’m aware that the total # of mashups is more than the total of available applications; this is due to the fact that some mashups employed more than one language. Two, the presence of C++ and C# might indicate the presence of client side apps – that’s an accurate assumption. Third, despite the popularity of PHP and the explosion of Ruby, mashups continue to be absolutely language independent; they often are produced in whatever’s fastest. Four, half of the Perl mashups asked that I not disclose that they were using Perl.

Anyway, take it for what it’s worth.


  1. I’m Chris, and I develop in Perl. (Hi, Chris!)

    In this case, I really wanted to write PhoTiger in Ruby for the cool factor, but I ultimately had to create a prototype in Perl for the getting-it-done factor. 🙂

  2. It’s interesting to hear that people are ashamed to admit they use Perl. Lots of cool stuff is written in Perl, like Podbop (sorry, shameless plug) and iusethis.

  3. Chris: 🙂 but in all honesty, i appreciate the pragmatism. would that more devs took that approach.

    Daniel: yeah, it was more in jest than anything but i still feel that Perl’s “uncool” nature is a bit strange considering how extensively the language is used in some quarters – even Mashup Camp winning applications (sorry, shameless plug ;).

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