What is the Userscripts.org Equivalent for Mashups?

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Does anyone happen to know if there’s a mashup equivalent of userscripts.org? For those that are unfamiliar with userscripts.org, it’s the repository for the bits of Javascript that power make Greasemonkey the most powerful extension Firefox has. I can hit userscripts.org and browse around for scripts that I might not have been aware of, read comments about them, get ratings, etc.

I was wondering today if there was an equivalent for mashups; is there a central repository of feeds and APIs for developers? Anything community driven that serves as a resource not only to find feeds, but to decribe them and their limitations? Give the opportunity to review, comment and rate individual feeds/APIs?

If not, do any of you find the possibility remotely interesting? There are a couple of potential domain names available that would fit.


  1. Check out John Musser’s Programmable Web.

    It is exactly what you’re looking for, I think.

  2. ah, should have thought of programmable web, DeWitt. thx. pretty close indeed.

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