New del.icio.us Integration

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A few of you may have noticed a slight overlap in some of the del.icio.us links in my feed; this is due to the fact that I’ve activated a del.icio.us posting feature. It grabs my links once a day and posts them to Movable Type, rather than just my feed as FeedBurner does at the moment. The advantage here, at least in theory, is that you’ll be able to comment on any of the thoughts I’ve posted on various links – which isn’t possible at the moment.

The feature has been around for a while, but I never got around to turning it on until yesterday. If you’d like to try it, do the following:

  1. Head to your del.icio.us page (del.icio.us/username)
  2. Click settings
  3. Under “experimental,” click “daily blog posting”
  4. Click “add a new thingy”
  5. In the boxes that appear, fill them out as follows:
    • job_name: no idea what this does. i thought it was a name for the posting, but that doesn’t seem to be the case
    • out_name: your blogging interface username
    • out_pass: your blogging interface password
    • out_url: your blogging interface remote protocol URI; for MT users, point this as your xmlrpc.cgi file
    • out_time: GMT hour that you want your post executed
    • out_blog_id: the number of the blog you want to post to (assuming there are more than one)
    • out_cat_id: optional category ID
  6. Click save, and you’re done

Any questions or problems with the feed, you know how to find me.


  1. Okay, help me out a bit. I’m blogging with MT, but don’t have administrator control over the site and don’t know where (or what) my xmlrpc.cgi file is. Is the location of this obvious based on the location of my mt.cgi file?

  2. it’s usually located in the same directory as to where you would go to add new entries to movable type.

    so, if you would go to http://www.column2.com/movabletype/mt.cgi to author new entries, your mt-xmlrpc.cgi file would be at http://www.column2.com/movabletype/mt-xmlrpc.cgi.

    try that.

  3. Found it, thanks! My first list of links posted a short while ago, I’m very happy with this.

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