Where I Come From…

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81? 11:13 at night?

Originally uploaded by sogrady.

81 degrees at 11 at night is considered pretty damn hot. But in April? We don’t have words for that 😉

Anyway, made it safely to and from Austin, TX yesterday where I met w/ my esteemed colleagues for a full day customer gig. Lot of fun, lot of good discussion on open source and some other topics.

No travel next week, fortunately, but May’s looking pretty travel heavy. More on all of that next week; I’ll be getting some fishing in tomorrow, and wish you all good weekend in the meantime.


  1. I know! 81 degrees! it’s like it’s winter down here or something! The weather needs to get with the program. I have eggs that need frying on sidewalks…

  2. i have no idea how you guys survive down there, but then again, i hear there are people who can’t stand the cold. to each their own, i suppose.

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