Coors Field

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The lady friend and I decided at the last minute to take in our first Rockies game of the season (getting to see Jeff Francis throw against the ex-Ranger, ex-Princeton, current Padre, Chris Young), and while it’s not Fenway, Coors Field is just a beautiful park. I haven’t been to Camden Yards or Pac Bell yet, which I’m told are the nicest of the new parks, but Coors is just a great place to watch a ballgame. The seats are comfortable (read as: not designed for the average height of people in 1912, as are the seats in Fenway), the sitelines are good (read as: no obstructing pole in front of you), and the concourses are wide and easy to navigate.

From a player’s perspective, it may be a nightmare (not just for the pitchers – I’d hate to be an outfielder with those power alleys), but from a fan’s perspective it’s a terrific park. If you happen through Denver this summer, I highly suggest a visit. Infield box seats go for $45. Seriously.


  1. As it happens, my wife and I also saw last night’s game at the last minute. We lived in Boston before moving out to Colorado, so I certainly understand the comparison to Fenway. Fenway is a great historic ballpark that all serious baseball fans should visit. But it gets old if you go there your whole life, as I did. Coors is just a pleasure to visit. I try to get up there anytime I can.

  2. I’ve been to a number of games @ PacBall. It’s absolutely spectacular… and a really bad place to watch baseball. The field is so open to the bay and the surroundings, it’s hard to really get engrossed in the game.

    Safeco Field in Seattle is one of the best places to really get sucked into a game. Something about it – it’s hard to describe.

    I’ve also been to Fenway (awesome, no doubt), Oakland Colesium and the BOB in Phoenix.

    It’s impossible to compete with Fenway (because it’s too hard to separate the history from the ball park experience), but Safeco and Coors are really fantastic ballparks.

    And I bet Coors would be even better with a good team on the field and a more fans in the seats. 🙂

  3. Bill: i dunno. i’ve been going to Fenway my whole life – not every year, of course – and it’s still not old. i like that people know to clap when runners are moved over, etc. Coors doesn’t have that. it’s comfortable, yes, but not a great baseball feel.

    Alex: i hadn’t thought of that WRT to pac bell, though i’d love to take in a game at safeco.

    either way, i think Coors would be much better w/ a better team, if only b/c actual baseball fans might show up 😉

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