Change in Travel Plans

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Well, you can say a lot of things about my unfortunate travel experiences, but as of five minutes ago you can’t say that I haven’t learned from them. After learning that we’re facing a winter storm warning through 11 AM tomorrow, I’ve decided to push off my departure for EclipseCon by a day (kudos to Frontier for letting me do that for free), arriving Tuesday at around 10 AM rather than tomorrow. For those interested in catching my talks there, not to worry: I should arrive in plenty of time for the first one at 3:15 on Tuesday.

While I’m not happy about missing what are sure to be some very informative sessions on Monday (this one in particular), I have no intention of repeating my experience from Lotusphere ’05 in which I spent about 2 days at the Portland airport before going anywhere. Plus, I’ll still be there for two days so I’m sure to have time to meet up if anyone’s interested.

So if you need me tomorrow, I’ll be in the office. And for the folks from Denver, if tomorrow is not a complete disaster weather-wise, you owe me.

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  1. how leaving a day later makes it more likely you’ll arrive on time is beyond me. but its your travel schedule.

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