Closing Out the Month Where Else? On the Road

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It’s been a very busy month here at RedMonk, what with two trips to San Francisco sandwiching a weekend in Boston, Mashup Camp last week, and now two days at IBM’s Open Source Analyst event in Stamford, CT. Against my better judgement, I’m taking the red eye into JFK late this evening, arriving tomorrow a bit after 6. From there, I’m driving up to Stamford, catching a couple of hours of sleep and the meeting up with my new colleague before the briefings get going mid afternoon. Will blog the event as well as I’m able; some of it’s likely to be NDA, of course.

This week’s travel has a bit of a wrinkle to it, as well. The complicating factor in this case is Colorado’s absolutely asinine driver’s license renewal process. As I discovered last week, rather than issuing you a replacement license same day, on premises as have Massachusetts, New Jersey and every other state I’ve been licensed in, Colorado gives you a temporary paper – non-photo, obviously – driver’s license, with which I’m going to have to try and board the plane tonight. When asked when my new license would arrive by mail, I was told “a couple of weeks.” Terrific. They did let me keep my old license, though, and I also have my June expired passport, so it’s not as if I don’t have any photo ID available. But I’m sure they’re going to give me a hard time at some point in the process; for some reason, I seem to attract more than my fair share of attention from security personnel (though thankfully I’m not on that ‘No Fly’ list).

Anyhow, if you value your time and/or have an important meeting to be at tomorrow morning, let me respectfully suggest you not be on Flight 98 out of Denver tonight, b/c no plane I’m on arrives on time (and I somehow managed to screw up Alex’s rental last week as well). For the IBMers in the audience, I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow. For everyone else, I’ll doubtless be running around the next two days but feel free to try me on the cell (617.320.9757).

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  1. Up in Stamford

    I’m up in Stamford now. jetBlue was only an hour late. No unexpected lay-overs this time. Later this afternoon, I’ll be going to IBM’s Open Source Analyst event with Steve. I have no idea what the NDA/”what can be blogged”…

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