Reveal: Terrific Firefox Extension

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Reveal Screenshot

Originally uploaded by sogrady.

Courtesy of Danno and Donnie comes word of one of the cooler Firefox extensions I’ve seen in a while. While it does require an upgrade to Firefox 1.5, Reveal is clearly worth it. I don’t think I can quite agree with Corey that it’s the “best. extension. ever.” (I’d give that honor to Greasemonkey, probably), it’s pretty damn sweet.

Basically, as you might be able to guess from the inset screenshot, Reveal takes all of your open tabs and makes them available and easily browsable thumbnails of the open pages. Thus when Firefox loses the tab icons and I forget which tab is which, I simply hit F2 and page over to the one I want. Just tremendous. It has lots of other capabilities, including magnification and a find function, but the only one I’ve used extensively so far is the tab thumbnails.

This quickly, along with the Greasemonkey, del.icio.us, Gmail Notifier, Tabbrowser Preferences and SessionSaver extensions, is a must have for my instance of Firefox. Thanks again to Danno and Donnie.

Incidentally, for those that are curious, Firefox 1.5 (AKA Deer Park) handled my upgrade seamlessly, updating the extenions that wouldn’t work with it and disabling those that lacked compatible versions (EditCSS, AboutSite).


  1. Mac users call that "Expose". 🙂

  2. The other extensions I use regularly are User Agent Switcher, SwitchProxy Tool and Scribe (no 1.5 version yet).

    The switcher's great for websites that "only work with IE". The proxy's useful for a lot of the journals my school's subscribed to that require going through their proxy server — not sure you've any need for that.

    Scribe is amazingly cool — http://prismicspiral.com/scribe/ — I can't wait for the 1.5 port.

  3. Damn! Alex beat me to the snarky, Apple-nutbird comeback!

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