Product Manager/Engineer/Evangelist in the Boston Area

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I’d meant to post this earlier in the week (my apologies to the invidual involved), but I recently got hold of the resume of a Friend of RedMonk in the Boston area who’s currently underemployed. Having had the opportunity to work with this gentleman on multiple occasions, I can tell you that he’s bright, technically astute, an excellent communicator, and perhaps most importantly – very pragmatic. Pragmatic to the point that he’s got good experience in the Java and .NET worlds, and is comfortable working in either. He’s also got solid experience working in the open source world, including community building and relations. Just a great all around resource. I’ve already dispatched his info to a few of the folks I know of with facilities in the greater Boston area, but if you’re reading this and even considering hiring someone, I strongly recommend you drop me a line – he won’t last long, I’m sure.


  1. Sounds like a great guy. We are a small business/software consulting firm that would love someone of his experience and talents – tell him to check out our website and send a cover letter/resume to [email protected] if he’s interested!

  2. We are always looking for exceptionally talented, thoughtful, self-directed professionals. Check out the people we have in place at http://www.root.net/about/team

  3. If he is interested in working on my side of town, send him in this direction…

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