San Fran to Atherton to Santa Clara…And Back Again

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That’s more like it. After enjoying a long enough stretch of incident free flying that I was beginning get a bit worried – like I was being set up for something really horrendous – this morning’s flight out of Denver to San Francisco featured those oh so familiar words of “there’s an ATC ground stop on this flight.” Never thought I’d be happy to hear that, but apparently the typical low flying clouds (AKA fog) forced SFO to put the clamps down on incoming traffic so as to avoid having planes hit each other. Makes sense to me.

All in all, I made it to San Fran about 45 minutes late, plus another 15 b/c Frontier forced me to check my carry on due to “lack of space” (I would have been fine). After a very enjoyable and interactive session with one of our newer clients, I headed down the Bay to hear about some upcoming news. Following that, I caught a nice dinner at Coppola’s with some clients, and am now about to hit the sack in preparation for an 8 AM (seriously, 8 AM – my only consolation is that it’s 9 AM Denver time) talk on middleware, SOA and identity.

For those of you waiting for my impressions from last Friday’s ODF Summit, I’m about half way through that entry and will have it tomorrow. Otherwise, wish me luck for tomorrow and I’ll check back in with you when I get back to SFO for my return flight home.


  1. you coming on the open-mfg call?

  2. maybe you can just rent a portal at the airport..seems like you are there more than home. are you ever there anymore…you should get honorary stock in the airlines and hotels.

  3. james: no, b/c i’m speaking at that time πŸ˜‰

    john: i’ve started telling people not to call my cell phone, but just to call DIA and have me paged πŸ˜‰

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