Aren’t Communities Great?

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I’ve had many an opportunity to appreciate the fine little community you and I have built up here, what with all of the advice, analysis, help, news, tips, and so on that I get through comments/email/IM/linked postings/Skype, but I can still be surprised. A couple of days ago, I ran across this link, which as nearly as I could determine included a quick review of my talk at the Zend Conference. The catch? It was in Danish, which unfortunately can be translated by neither Google Translate nor Babelfish. So not hoping for much, I linked to it in del.icio.us with the following query: “anybody speak Danish? i think this is a good review of my talk, but can’t tell.” You can I’m sure guess what happened next: one fine reader, John Simonds, has the good fortune to be married to a Dane. A couple of emails later, I had the translation: “Quite a good speech on why PHP has become as successful as it has.”

Like I said, aren’t communities great? Thanks to John for noticing it and Therese for the kind translation.


  1. John beat me to it; my wife just finished her PhD in Scandinavian Literature (with a focus on 19th century Danish travel literature), and I had (excitedly) teed her up to translate this when I saw that Therese had already provided a translation. And yes, communities are great — God bless the network effect…

  2. Bryan: bless the network effect indeed. the really interesting then isn't that someone beat you to the translation, but that i might have had *two* to pick from. thank your wife for me anyhow 🙂

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