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That’s my new travel schedule for the next few days. I’m off tonight for Boston where I’ll be through Sunday, at which point I head down to NYC. Tuesday morning I’m headed home, but my stay could be a short one as I’m now probably going to be turning right around to head back to NYC for a “Business Blogging Dinner” next Wednesday. Why don’t I just stay, you ask? Well, that would certainly seem to be easier, but I’m a major homebody and will take even 24 hours at home if I can get it. Anyway, you should all know the drill by now – cell is 617.320.9757, and I still have not broken down and gotten a Crackberry (despite the best efforts of Lara and Larkin to break me) so access to email will be limited to hotspots.

Before I go though, I wanted to join Ben Rockwood (whom you really should be reading, incidentally) in congratulating Sun’s Bryan Cantrill for his award. Being named one of the 35 best innovators under the age of 35 is no small achievement, but having had the opportunity to meet him on several occasions, I can say that Bryan is one of those rare individuals who within 30 seconds has you convinced he’s the smartest person you’ve ever met. The award’s well deserved. Congrats sir.


  1. You so need a blackberry. Then we would not have to talk so much, we could just sit next to each other and email. What a more pleasant way to spend time, don't ya think? 🙂 Safe travels Steve-O (and ps, my first blogging experience EVER!)

  2. It's an addiction 😉 Bye bye Blackberry (sigh), hello Treo!! Good luck with travels.

  3. Larkin: can't do it, i just can't. and c'mon, i can't be that bad a conversationalist, can i? 🙂

    Lara: you won't miss it, from what i hear. you'll still get your email addiction fed, not to worry 😉

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