Google Desktop and Feed Aggregation

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This really doesn’t warrant a post of its own, but I thought it at least worth noting that in the week or so since its been released, Google’s new desktop package has jumped to fifth on the list of readers hitting this space. It’s lagging only NetNewsWire (#4), Firefox Live Bookmarks (a surprising #3), NewsGator Online (#2), and Bloglines (far and away #1). For more context, Google Desktop is fifth out of approximately 60 different aggregators (discounting for Planets and bot readers) picking up my feed. In the research world, we’d call this “small sample size,” but I found it interesting nonetheless. Metrics are supplied by Feedburner.

Update: Fixed some typos.


  1. It's important to note that Google doesn't ASK you if you'd like to slurp a page's RSS, it just goes and grabs it and sticks it in the WebClips panel.

    I turned off the Sidebar because it was eating too many resources and I was only using the quick Desktop search (Switched to Deskbar, I love launching MP3s that way).

  2. Danno: interesting, i hadn't noticed that. resource-wise i haven't found it overbearing, but it's not my primary machine and thus is just used for iTunes, etc.

    Tris: i've done that as well. scratch pad's gone (i use Tomboy on my Linux box), quick view and what's hot too. i might just go with the floating deskbar as well.

  3. I still have the sidebar open, but have reduced the panels to the core one I like/use:
    Email, Web Clips, Todo, Scratch Pad, Quick View, and System Monitor.

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