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In the past few days I’ve received two different types of email purporting to be from Google, and I’m wondering if any of you have any ideas on these. The first is a password reset email for a Gmail account, of which I received four on Friday. As near as I can tell from the email headers, these are in fact from Google – and the links are not obvious phishing attempts, so the fact that I received several of them despite not having had any password trouble leads me to believe that someone may have been screwing with my account. Anybody have any other thoughts?

Second, and a bit more strange, I received a notice from “A Google Technical Recruiter” asking me to sign up for a Google Talent Network. Setting aside the fact that I’m quite happy where I am with no desire to move literally or metaphorically, and wouldn’t in any case pass the math screens at Google, I’m wondering if this was a legitimate request, or is as related to Google as Rolex spam is to the watchmaker. Not helping my determination is the fact that it passed through Jobster, rather than Google itself. Did anyone else get a similar note? Can anyone tell me if this is legitimate or not before I pass the requests on to other folks?


  1. Someone’s messing w/ you. My $0.02

  2. Hi. I’m the CEO of Jobster Inc.

    The Jobster mail is legit. Jobster is helping power Google’s new online talent network. By joining the talent network, you get access to “insider alerts” regarding new jobs at Google that you can get referrals for.

  3. Gary: seems so in the first case. might change my pwd again.

    Jason: thx for the update; glad to have that clarified.

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