GNOME Wifi: Is it netapplet or NetworkManager?

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Way back in September of last year, I was overjoyed to finally find a port of Robert Love’s netapplet code for my Gentoo machine. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier this week that code isn’t getting along with the Intel IPW2200BG card that’s in my new machine. I’ve posted to the Gentoo forum, but apparently the two prior maintainers of the Gentoo port, Fergus and rabbit, are otherwise occupied at the moment.

But in casting about for an alternative I came back to NetworkManager, a very similar application hosted by Red Hat and included (as I understand it) in recent versions of Fedora. It won’t install for me (can’t find the code for version 0.3.1, and don’t meet the dependencies for 0.4), but I must say that I was intrigued to see Robert Love – author of netapplet – contributing to NetworkManager.

So a few questions. What’s the preferred wireless applet for GNOME at this point? Are netapplet and NetworkManager going to be separately maintained? Merged? Isn’t it about time GNOME had an official project here? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. Good question… I've been wondering the same thing. I am compiling KDE as we speak, because it seems like that environment has more to offer laptop users.

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