The Least Likely Thing That’s Ever Happened

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Last week, I wrote about the networking blogging enables, and this certainly proved out at the customer engagements last week and the Rational Conference this week (even if I was unable to meet with a bunch of folks for scheduling reasons – next time ladies and gents, I promise). But in case there were any doubters as to what blogs can do for your visibility, I submit to you the least likely thing that has ever happened [1]: my first ever appearance in the Texarkana Gazette (link all the way at the bottom of the article). James got a ping about it this morning and couldn’t wait to tell me. So like I said last week, if any of you can think of a more remarkable communication tool than blogs, I’d sure love to hear about it.

[1] A RedMonk gold star for the person who knows where that quote comes from.


  1. ..a quality piece for all to read on blogs…think it was in christianity today?

  2. nope. my guess is that they picked up from Hyatt's (a Christian publisher) Working Smart blog. he's apparently got more readers than kottke, as he's sent multiple thousands of people this way since he originally linked here.

    it's all good, and all are welcome, of coure.

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