Are Blogs Good for the Analyst Business?

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Here’s something that happened yesterday: a PubSub watchlist that I have set up for RedMonk picked up this post by David Fletcher, Director, Utah Division of Information Technology Services. David in turn was discussing this post from James McGovern, which covers James’ thoughts on our open, free-as-in-beer Creative Commons licensed Compliance Oriented Architecture.

David happened to mention in his post that he’s located in Salt Lake City, where I happen to find myself. I reply to his post, and a few hours later we’re able to sit down and discuss some COA and SOA related topics.

Given this sequence of events – which seem highly unlikely pre-blogging – the answer to the question posed above is clear to me.

P.S. Thanks to David and his colleague Bob Woolley for taking time out to speak with me. Look forward to continuing the conversation guys.


  1. good job man. yeah blogs suck. i would recommend analyst companies ignore the technology. no benefits. best do something else instead… redmonk will prolly continue on its blogtastic adventure but for the rest of you. its all hype…

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I happened to be talking to someone else later in the day who is also a regular reader of your blog.

    Blogging has been an excellent supplemental activity for me as well as a consumer of consultant and vendor services. It is a channel of communication that is unique and unduplicated in any other and has enabled me to have a global community of contacts that has been outstanding.


  3. no problem at all. it's great to see that one of our state governments is being proactive and ahead of the curve rather than vice versa. Utah's IT is clearly in good hands.

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