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Notes from my continuing attempt to attend Lotusphere…

Although I set my alarm for 3:30 this morning to make my 6 AM flight, I blearily woke up at around 3 when I got an SMS from Orbitz saying my flight had been cancelled. The Orbitz notice, however, said that it was a United flight, while today’s flight was to be US Airways, so I got up around twenty of four anyway and headed down to Portland. At worst, I figured, it’s better to try and work things out from the airport.

But the 18 inches of snow Portland got (less than the reported 35-36 I’m hearing Boston got), the planes that had been sitting idle in sub-zero temperatures for two days, and the tens (it being Portland) of other stranded travelers proved too much for my basic itinerary. Once my flight was cancelled (due to the lack of a plane), I was pretty much done as every other flight today was booked. Not only booked, but overbooked. After taking a flyer on going standby for the next two flights and watching them take off without me, I decided to cut my losses and fly out tomorrow.

So my travel this week still involves three different two segment trips:

1. Portland to Philly to Orlando – tomorrow
2. Orlando to Dulles to Westchester – Wednesday
3. Westchester to Dulles to Portland (don’t ask) – Thursday

Anyone think that I’ve had my last travel trouble for the week? I got $20 that says I get stranded overnight at least once.

On the plus side, I get another night’s sleep in my own bed.

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  1. Wonder how they will handle the sub zero weather in Orlando. SOGSR

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