Just Made it Back from NJ

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With my usual travel savvy, I decided to return home to Maine during the first real snowstorm of the season in New England (which pretty much ensured that my next car won’t be the new Mustang, as much as I love it).

The net? A trip that should take 5-6 hours took 9. But when I finally made it and flipped on the TV, the news had a feature on the folks that have been stuck at Logan for – in some cases – four days, and all of a sudden I don’t feel too bad. That’s just brutal. I hope none of you got stuck. And then I saw the tsunami news. Unbelievable. Will be donating to the Red Cross shortly, and if you can spare anything please do.

Otherwise, it was a good Christmas on the homefront. Some new Patagonia gear, the always critical iTunes Gift Certificate, and a ton of reading material.

One question for the photographers out there – does anyone have any suggestions on translating slides and prints into digital images? While at home, I dug out some old pics from Ireland that I want to put up into my Flickr account, and my Dad’s going to hunt for some shots I took at Havasu Canyon. I’ve done a bit of Googling on the topic, but if you have ideas or experiences I’d really appreciate it.

Otherwise, hope everyone travelled safe and had a good holiday w/e. Those of you working this week, don’t sweat it – things should be slow. Will check in with you all again soon.


  1. Re digitizing photos:

    Any of the HP flatbed scanners are normally doing a good job. Many have slide adapters that do a decent job. You can also get some specialized slide scanners. Minolta or Nikon are considered very good, but they are normally $500 or much more.

  2. thanks very much for the feedback, Michael. i have an HP flatbed and hadn't thought of it in that context. will have to hunt around for the adapters.

    on the flip side, between my dad and i we have enough slides that a specialized unit might be worth a look. my dad in particular has probably 20 or 30 trays of slides sitting around – he's been into photography for most of his adult life.

    thx again for the tip.

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