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  • Should Red Hat Buy or Build a Database?
    For a decade, at least, observers of the company have speculated about whether Red Hat would or should enter the database market. The primary argument, one made in in this space eight years ago, has historically been that Red Hat is de facto leaving potential dollars on the table ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2018-05-22
  • Taking Open Source for Granted
    Particularly for those who have been in the industry long enough to remember when it was compared to cancer, we live in a veritable golden age for open source software. Once a bizarre, improbable model for generating commercial returns if not building software, it is increasingly and overwhelmingly the ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2018-05-11
  • When One Door Closes, Another Opens
    The last time we hired an analyst at RedMonk, we got an interesting question from one of our interviewees: interview question this morning: “you guys are redmonk: why don’t you simply require X years of analyst experience on the job application?” — steve o'grady (@sogrady) May 22, 2015 ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2018-04-20
  • Five Questions for Cloudera
    On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Cloudera held its annual gathering for industry analysts. The setting was lovely Santa Monica, though the packed schedule didn’t exactly accommodate time at the beach just outside. Over the course of two days, a room full of analysts covering the company were ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2018-04-12
  • What a Difference a Decade Makes
    A decade ago today, the MySQL database was 12 years, 10 months and 4 days old. PostgreSQL, for its part, clocked in at 11 years, 8 months and 19 days old. Though not quite teenagers, both databases had a laundry list of accomplishments to point to: robust communities, massive ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2018-03-27
  • The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: January 2018
    This iteration of the RedMonk Programming Language Rankings is brought to you by YLD. Experts in custom software development and pioneers in cutting edge technologies (Node, React); we enable you to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Get in touch. Given that we’re into March, it seems ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2018-03-07
  • Conway’s Law and Developer Marketing
    Organizations which design systems are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.” – Melvin Conway Coined in 1967, Conway’s Law neatly articulates the linkage between organizational structure and software development. While the connections between what is essentially a business abstraction and software ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2018-03-06
  • The Kubernetes Lesson
    When Kubernetes was first announced in 2014, reactions were mixed. Some pointed to its pedigree and that of its creators, Brendan Burns, Craig McLuckie and Joe Beda, as reason enough to pay attention. Others focused on the fact that it was derived from Google’s Borg software but was not ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2018-03-02
  • The Post-Moneyball World and Optimizing for Developer Happiness
    When Moneyball was published in 2003, it was something of a phenomenon. The book, ostensibly about a baseball team’s efforts to compete in spite of more limited financial resources, was in fact a vehicle for evidence based decision making and the opportunities inherent in market inefficiences. There were a ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2018-02-07
  • Serverless is the New PaaS
    Even as Amazon Web Services was ascending to a position of market dominance in the exploding category of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) – a category, notably, that it created – and added new features and services at an improbable rate, there was one area in which the company pointedly did not ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2018-01-26
  • Whither the DBA
    It should not be controversial to say that the way software is written in 2018 is materially different than in 2008, let alone 1998. Not just in terms of the underlying technologies, which have inevitably evolved and been refined, but the associated processes and methodologies. Whether driven by the ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2018-01-09
  • What Ruby Needs
    Of all of the questions we receive at RedMonk, one of the most common concerns programming languages. Whether from members of a given community or a commercial entity, the desire is to better understand a given language’s trajectory and the context around it. Is it going up or down, ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2017-12-15
  • The RedMonk re:Invent 2017 Recap
    Following up on the recent Amazon Web Services conference, re:Invent, held at the Palazzo and Venetian in Las Vegas, the three monks who attended got together to chat about what we saw and the conference and what it means for AWS, developers and the rest of the industry. The conversation ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2017-12-13
  • What’s Scary About Amazon Web Services
    As has become routine at re:Invent, Amazon Web Services used the opportunity of its annual conference to shine a light on the fruits of a year’s worth of its labor. The product of which would represent years plural if not decades of almost any other company’s work, it must ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2017-12-08
  • Goodbye Macbook, Hello iPad Pro
    Six months ago after my laptop’s logic board ate itself, I used the opportunity to experiment with trading a laptop for tablet as a primary travel machine. Specifically, I substituted a 9.7″ iPad Pro for my usual 12″ MacBook on a trip. That test, while brief, went quite a ... read more
    Source: sogradyPublished on 2017-11-30

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