12.8M Secrets Leaked: from Insights to Action (Kelly Fitzpatrick with GitGuardian)

12.8M Secrets Leaked: from Insights to Action (Kelly Fitzpatrick with GitGuardian)

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GitGuardian is back with the 2024 edition of the State of Secrets Sprawl, the most extensive research on exposed secrets in GitHub to date.

RedMonk’s Kelly Fitzpatrick joins GitGuardian’s Mackenzie Jackson, Tom Forbes, Johan Leduc, and Alexis Begnez to discover the number of secrets that surfaced last year and delve into a series of captivating topics:

1. The Perils of Non-Revoked Secrets: Learn about “zombie leaks” and why they represent a critical security gap that leaves organizations vulnerable to threats.

2. AI and the Future of Secrets Detection: Discover the revolutionary potential of AI in enhancing secrets detection and GitGuardian’s pioneering approach.

3. Beyond GitHub: See how secrets sprawl extends its reach to PyPI, revealing the importance of secrets management across various platforms.

4. Solving the Puzzle: Gain valuable insights and actionable strategies to combat secrets sprawl and protect your organization against the unseen threats of tomorrow.

This webinar is more than a presentation; it’s a call to action for developers, IT professionals, and cybersecurity enthusiasts. This session promises a treasure trove of knowledge and solutions for those eager to know what secure secrets management is like.

To watch the replay (registration wall alert): https://app.livestorm.co/gitguardian/the-state-of-secrets-sprawl-2024

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