• Mark

    But you need an app server like tomcat or jetty to run your spring apps, I don’t get the point of comparing spring uptake as if its displacing tomcat usage, their usage is not mutually exclusive.

    • http://redmonk.com/dberkholz Donnie Berkholz

      Think of it like PaaS vs IaaS. Once you no longer have any interest in the underlying infrastructure because it has no relevance to how you develop, there’s no way for any of the options to differentiate. Instead the interest and value shift to the next layer up.

  • Jeff Schneider

    Should we assume that the data was scrubbed to exclude Spring TC?

    • http://redmonk.com/dberkholz Donnie Berkholz

      Instances of Spring TC are essentially nonexistent in Google Trends, Hacker News, and Stack Overflow.

  • Rick Bullotta

    Java app servers are a well known quantity, so it might be less frequent a search topic. Or perhaps Spring is so hard to use, there are a lot of tech support related searches? I don’t know that I’d infer so much from the search keywords…

  • gacl

    Embedded servers like netty often make more sense than the classic Java multi-app app servers. The Play Framework has it right in defaulting to an embedded Netty solution.

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