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whurley talks about open source at BMC

Last week I talked with whurley about the recent open source and developer network announcements from BMC. More than just covering the announcements, we talked about why BMC is starting with open source and what it hopes to accomplish (namely, integration).

Several people I’ve talked with were perplexed by the choice of the BSD license over the GPL or *PL licenses, and we discuss that as well. And, for those asking “who is this whurley guy?” here he is ;>

Additionally, both of of us being management wonks, we get into talking about the current and future state of IT management, esp. as related to open source, developers, and communities.

This video is the first half of our conversation. We also talked about (commercialized) open source in general, but I’m separating that out into it’s own video so that this one is targeted more narrowly at just BMC and open source.

Disclaimer: BMC is a client.

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