Stephen O’Grady – Google Cloud Platform Live (2014) – theCUBE

At the recent Google Cloud Platform Live event, RedMonk co-founder and principal analyst Steve O’Grady was interviewed by John Furrier in TheCube.

Here are some of the questions John asked Steve:

  1. Whats going on with RedMonk?
  2. How do you win over the developers?
  3. How far are we into this shift?
  4. Is there a ceiling to this growth with the cloud?
  5. Has a higher level of accountability reached the enterprise with cloud security?
  6. What should traditional IT do to try and keep up with these advancements?
  7. Stephen’s take on legacy migration
  8. Give us an update on the Red Soxs
  9. Whats the coolest thing you’ve seen here at Google Cloud Platform?
  10. Is Google’s pacing correct?