Tesla World – Tom Raftery’s keynote on the Convergence of IoT and Energy

Tom Raftery was invited to deliver his talk on the Convergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Energy at the 2015 Tesla World event in Antwerp. Tom’s talk focussed on how the combination of IoT and new open standards can help automated demand response make the electricity grid more stable, and so enable the penetration of a higher percentage of renewables onto the system.

Collaboration Summit 2015 – Software at Scale – Stephen O’Grady, RedMonk

Today, more than ever, software is the lifeblood not only of the technology industry, but businesses from accounting to transportation. The continued rise of open source is driving software and the industries that use it to new heights, but creating a tension between the strategic importance of software and its commercial value. In this talk, we’ll explore what opens source means to the cloud, the commercial vendors and you. From The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2015 in Santa Rosa, CA.

James Gosling’s Internet of Things keynote at IoT at Scale, Palo Alto

RedMonk ran IoT at Scale, our Internet of Things conference, in conjunction with SAP, in Palo Alto.

In this keynote, James Gosling provides insights into the Internet of Things and where IoT is heading as well as an overview of an IoT project he is currently working on. Presented at IoT at Scale in Palo Alto.