Where in the World Am I?

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At the moment, San Juan, Puerto Rico. But in two hours or so, I’ll be hopping a puddle jumper over to St Croix. And before you ask, no, I couldn’t pick it out on a map.

Anyway, I know this sounds like I’m gloating, but it’s not quite as glamorous as it sounds. First, I’m only there for two nights. Second, it’s for a wedding which will presumably occupy a fair amount of the little free time I have. Third, it ain’t cheap, as my efforts to use mileage to get here were – to put it mildly – rebuffed.

From St Croix, I’m headed directly to the Washington, DC area for a customer engagement on Tuesday. Tuesday evening I’m headed out of Dulles to JFK, en route up to Stamford for IBM’s annual analyst gathering. Friday, I’m sticking around the NY area to meet with some of the gang over in Somers, after which I’ll be headed back to Boston to pick up my car and make the trip back to Maine.

As if that wasn’t trying enough, early the following week I’ll be hopping back in the car and making the 2100 mile trip back to my Winter home of Denver, CO. And did I mention that I managed to cripple my iPod yesterday?

Not good times, bad times.

But that’s the schedule if any of you should be looking for me. As for getting in touch, I recommend anything that’s not email: I’m sitting at 370+ unread in the Inbox at the moment. A state of complete email bankruptcy is looming.


  1. Hi Steve — I will be in PR and St.C over new years. Let me know if you find any must-dos (or don’ts).

    Have fun!

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