Why I’m Still East: Exhibit A

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Where Everyone Wants to Be

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Many of you – hell, most of you – have been positively baffled that I would schedule my entire life around my beloved Boston Red Sox. I’ve endured all manner of cruel taunts, malicious text messages and even a blog post or two as you’ve mocked my willingness to make my calendar subservient to a sport.

But you know what? I have a ticket to tonight’s ballgame, and you don’t. Or I assume you don’t. Win or lose tonight, my plan to remain here in Maine will have been completely vindicated the moment I cross the threshold of one of baseball’s last remaining cathedrals. What seemed at one point a course of action predicated on astonishing naivete and pathological obsession looks more like cunning premeditation, in light of the cramped but not obstructed view seat I’ll be taking in a few hours. Luck favors the prepared, as they say, and it would be difficult if not impossible to opportunistically leverage the available ticket were I back in Denver.

Incidentally, rumors that I did terrible, unspeakable things to procure this ticket are false. As far as you know, anyway.

In other news, I’ll be staying over tonight and Saturday night to attend the GNOME Summit in Boston. I’ve been meaning to make it here for a couple of years now, and being on the East Coast in October has advantages besides the relative proximity to Fenway.


  1. I think that was worth it. Man… what a game. Enjoy Summit for me… I probably won’t make it.

  2. One of my first thoughts when I saw Manny’s home run sail into the night is that I hope you didn’t spontaneously combust from joy. 😉

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