Survived OSCON

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If fatigue can be considered a metric – reliable or otherwise – for the level of activity of a given conference, this year’s OSCON is going to fare well because I’ve got virtually nothing left in the tank. While UbuntuLive should be given an assist for the takedown of yours truly, it really is the collection of talent (not that kind) represented by OSCON that’s left me weak as a kitten.

As true today as it was when it was written, people are the strength of OSCON. But that collection of talent (not that kind of talent) does not come without a cost; by the time I left on Wednesday, everyone around me looked drained, mentally and physically.

Yes, the fine folks from the Kell’s had something to say about that, but the real killer (as OJ might put it) is the volume of information that must be absorbed. OSCON represents nothing less than a multi-day assault on your assumptions, experiences, and predictions. In nothing but a positive sense, of course, but no less draining for that.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain, however; at least I didn’t dislocate my shoulder. With my disaster-only healthcare, I would have been out big time dollars.

Anyway, should have a quick look at key conference themes tomorrow(ish).

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